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Is this a new soshul experiment?

Thanks to a nonnie for the alert. Quick intro for those who didn’t hear yet: fledgling fanfic writer ZombieBella‘s fic Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number was found to be plagiarized directly from a book by Abby Wood called Twice Her Age. Discussion can be found on ADF and the gazebo.

Is it a soshul experiment? Really, we wonder. Look at the date:

Did someone just want to see if a new writer would be treated differently from Krismom?

Was she treated differently?

No one seems to be getting in the OP’s face on ADF. The gazebo is safe because they just sporked it recently anyway, so we don’t have to deal with the defensive reactions of people who pimped the hell out of the fic. Also, no one knew the author yet, so there’s nobody lamenting the loss of a friend. Mostly there’s a lot of jeering.

Plus the book sucked so Abby Wood deserved it, right?

Someone’s bound to bring up plagiarism in general tomorrow, or some Johnny-lags-behind will show up and ask “Whatever happened to that fic by ZombieBella?” and we’ll see if The Dead Horse™ (similar to The Baby Jesus™) comes up then.

The author gave her reason for things and “apologized”, although we’re totally ugly people for reporting her:

Do so many people really not know how to spell plagiarism? Or is “plaguerism” some new kind of pun to refer to the plague of it we seem to be experiencing?

Anyway, if it isn’t a soshul experiment, then could it be that someone saw the attention TVM got and wanted to cause a stir?

It could be completely unrelated to the recent problem. The timing is just odd. Who wakes up one day with no previous experience in the fandom and thinks, Mmm, snow day. HEY! I’ll just feed the kids and then copy a book word for word and make it into a Twilight fanfic!

This brings up an interesting question. When you find out a fic has been plagiarized, you have basically two options, right? Either report it quietly or post on one of the forums and tell everyone. (Obviously there’s a spectrum here.) But which is better? If you report it quietly, does the person just go do the same thing under a different name? It’s not like they were humiliated in public, after all. Then again, if you make a post and a bunch of people get involved, does it attract trolls who see it as win/win – they get praised at first, then lambasted if they’re discovered, but either way it’s attention?

On a darker note, is there something we need to do differently in this fandom to make this kind of behaviour unnecessary? Sure, attention seekers are everywhere in life. But this is a specific act, plagiarising published books.

Do you feel like it’s hard to make friends in the fandom if you don’t actually have a fic of your own?
Is the adoration lavished on authors du jour so overblown that it makes people desperate for that kind of spotlight? Everyone wants Twitter followers that call them Goddess, right?


ETA: What the everloving fuck is with this:

That’s the first time this blogger has been compared to Hitler.