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The Stuff of (Urban) Legend

And until a nonnie gifted us with this, we thought the email was an urban legend.

Our guess is that Nina was helping with the marketing of Univers–excuse us, Gabriel’s Inferno. Nina’s profile disappeared from the Omnific staff page a long time ago, allegedly the night after the Hannah81 twank on the original Twankhard, but we’re all almost certain she was in charge of something-or-other marketing. And a Certified Editorâ„¢, of course. So again, our guess is that as a friend of Sebas–er, Sylvain’s or sub mesa with Omnific, she put together this promo email.

It’s a step up from the author spamming everyone who originally had the fanfic on alert with a totally believable explanation of how the story started as original, then got changed to a fanfic and back again and asking them to go buy the new old the book, right?

We personally don’t think this means Ninapolitan is Sylvain Reynard, but that was a popular theory, and now here’s the email, and everyone can read and/or discuss without worrying that a huge love post is going to go up tomorrow. We liked the original Twankhard because with so many people commenting, it wasn’t just one person forcing their version of the absolute truth on anyone else.