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Sometimes they come back

We’re just going to post a summary for those who don’t visit the gazebo or fandom_wank. After plowing through all that shite, we figured it’d be too soon if we never heard about AG again.

AG wrote a dissertation on how she posted those chats from Icy because she was planning to flounce anyway. Something about not wanting to be part of a fandom where people like Icy reign. Because we all know Icy is the absolute worst thing that ever happened to fandom, or ever could happen. But it’s okay because she doesn’t care! Don’t you feel stupid? This whole time, she never cared!

She claims someone used the info Jennday posted at the gazebo (a screenshot of her LinkedIn profile, in a post which LJ Abuse has since deleted) to track her down at work. It could be true; it’s happened before. Then again, people have lied about it before, too.

The gazebo jeered at the ‘tation, natch. It’s actually tamer than we expected, but of course certain people are conspicuously absent.

Fandom_wank even posted about it. They usually don’t bother with us; we think there’s a rule about linking to locked comms, and since our fandom does almost everything under lock and key…

Anyone read Sarah Palin’s books? Basically, “I love America, but it wasn’t ready for me, so I’ll let everyone worship their false idol until I am risen in 2012. Meanwhile, I’ll admit to a few lesser evils here and there so you’ll believe me when I turn around and settle all my scores. But if you don’t want me, that’s your loss. I don’t care.”

Replace “America” with “fandom” and “2012” with “a new fandom” and you’ve pretty much summarized this dissertation.

So until next flounce, friends
Same Batshit time, same Batshit channel
Good night, everyone
Your hosts for the evening,


Oh, the…angst?

Bonasera… Bonasera.

Oh, deer. AG Double-Oh-Three has deleted her Twitter. Now we have to go upload all our screencaps of her tweets and edit them into the last post. First world problems suck.

Why would she do this? Seems someone on the gazebo wanted to know where the original Twankhard went, and whether it was really AG. Jennday posted a whole lot of… Jesus, it’s all “I posted a link, and someone clicked it, and that someone’s IP was in a certain city and that’s where AG’s LinkedIn profile says she lives, and btw here’s the whole IP without any of the numbers blacked out AND THAT’S HOW I KNOW.”

We feel so lazy. All we did was compare the IP when Twankhard posted here once to one of AG’s from…erm, somewhere else. We are fat lazy moos.

Anyway, AG supposedly tweeted “Hey, thanks for posting my IP, RL name, address, and former employers on The Gazebo. That’s totally not crossing any lines. You won guise!” before flouncing Twitter. Derp…if you don’t want people knowing your name, probably best not to give interviews to or sit a ComicCon panel. Where was there an address? The only “former employer” we know of is Icy herself, whose privacy during a discussion about a service she was purchasing wasn’t exactly honoured.

Ugaiz, there’s like this line you just don’t cross. But it only goes one way.

Lesser…of two…evils…

For those who don’t know, after the news broke about MOTU, AngstGoddess tweeted several lines that she claimed were taken from gchats with Icy.

Okay, fandom. Ready? Lettuce play “Guess that chat log.”

“Well don’t tell anyone – I have visions of being interviewed by Time Magazine for revolutionizing publishing…”

“I have done it as a sort of exercise.. to see if I could … and I think I have proven that I can… I now want to capitalize on it…”

“I have to say I do not feel as passionately as you do about the fandom”

“it’s like the old groucho marx joke which I cant remember about not wanting to belong to a club that you’re a member of…”

even when you publish it on amazon, theres still gonna be negativity “true… but I’m sure it’s easier to take with a big fat paycheck LOL”

show them theres a person behind the penname and not just some lady sitting on a perch — “I like my perch…”

“I’m not sure I feel part of the community…”

“they’ve been able to read it in its entirety. And I even did the FGB thing.. which isn’t really for me cos I never, ever wanted to do [it]”

These are all quotes from two separate chats during April & July, with @Sqicedragon, during discussions about publishing motu.

So if you think she gives a crap about the very fandom that gave her popularity, I’m very sorry to say. You’ve been punked.

/blaze of glory. I’m out. Stop perpetuating arrogance. Give your kindness to people who won’t take advantage of it.

Icy responded that the tweets were taken out of context, and posted what she said was the full surrounding text on her website in order to provide that context. It’s since been taken down, but thanks to a nonnie, we have a copy for you.

Seems like a classic case of When elephants fight, only the grass suffers. What’s your opinion? Who’s the biggest loser here (besides us?)